What We Are

EYEPOWER™ is the only energy management solution that has been rigorously tested and platinum certified to save between 15% and 35% on HVAC energy by GGEC, the Globally Green Energy Consortium—an internationally recognized non-profit certification body that sets standards for performance in the energy industry.

Our Patented latched occupancy detection technology ensures the highest energy savings, as well as the highest level of guest comfort.

Our Guest Room HVAC energy management solution is based upon room occupancy. When guests leave a room, the solution automatically deactivates the Guest Room HVAC, while monitoring the unoccupied room’s temperature to insure it doesn’t exceed pre-established limits. When the guest returns, the system returns to the guests’ settings.

Very simply, in order to be an effective occupancy-based system, the single most important piece of information for the solution to know is—without a doubt—if a room is occupied or not. And the single most effective way to do this is with the use of a combination of sensors, which are, an entry door monitor and one or more occupancy sensors. This Patented Technology is our way of delivering the most energy savings while maintaining the guests comfort.