How We Do It

The EYEPOWER Solution has been successfully used to control all types heating and air conditioning systems, such as:

  • Two and four-pipe centrally-based systems
  • Resistive heating
  • Wall-mounted heat pumps
  • Window-mounted packaged air conditioners
  • Mini-split type air conditioners
  • Split-type air conditioners (commercial or residential)

The EYEPOWER Solution is expandable and scalable, suitable for a small property under 30 rooms to a large facility with thousands of control points.

The EYEPOWER Solution is also uniquely and ideally suited for multi-room applications, such as suites, extended stay lodging, apartments and villas.

This is due to the solution’s ability to place occupancy sensors in multiple rooms to control a central thermostat.

The EYEPOWER solution can also be used to control the Guest Room HVAC based upon the open or closed balcony or lanai doors, a function that is especially critical in extreme hot, cold or humid climates.